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Clinica Glorieta

Clinica Glorieta
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Clinica Glorieta (+)
Address: Partida Madrigueres Sud , Dénia , Costa Blanca North
Phone: 966 435 437
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Founded in 1999 Clinica Glorieta brings you Medicine at the highest level.

All our doctors are at the leading edge of medical diagnostics and treatment. Clinica Glorieta offers you a distinguished and professional team with broad experience.

Clinica Glorieta has a strong sense of teamwork. This allows for quicker diagnosis and treatment as our doctors’ work closely together to analyse symptoms and test results. So, you not only have one doctor to help you recover, but an entire team of the best doctors in the Marina Alta working to give you the best outcome.

Finally, we offer a warm and personal service to our patients, we devote time and we listen carefully to ensure you are looked after in a personalised manner. We want you to feel like at home, both in consultation visits and during your hospital stay.

For all these reasons, Clinica Glorieta is the best choice for your health.


Throughtout the year we have a monthly special offer focusing on our “preventative medicine” campaign. Affordable prices giving you access to the most sophisticated and modern medical testing without any waiting. Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Visit our website or sign up for our newsletter to find out more about these offers designed to help you keep your health in check.

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