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Clinica La Alegria

Clinica La Alegria
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Address: Avenida de Valencia, 17, Calpe 03710 (Alicante) , Costa Blanca North
Phone: 965 831 336
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Until recently we assumed there is little we can do to slow the process of aging. Recent scientific research contradicts that idea. Anti-aging medicine is based upon a wellness-oriented model, unlike many other types of medicine that focus primarily on disease. The goal of this health care innovation isn’t only to lengthen your life, but also to improve the quality of your life.

There is a natural solution to hormonal problems
If it is your goal to remain vital and healthy for as long as possible, we can introduce you to a number of anti-aging therapies that focus on body, mind and spirit.
Do you suffer from menopause symptoms, hot flushes, mood changes or a decreased libido? Is it possible that you have problems with a thyroid gland that works too slowly? Have you gained weight, felt tired or cold more often or experienced hair loss? Do you think your skin has aged too quickly and do wrinkles in your face bother you? Would you like to feel young and vital for as long as possible?

Thanks to injectables, I look brighter, younger, and healthier.
We guarantee an approach adapted to you as a unique individual, along with objective advice.
“Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”
(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Dr. Nora Hendriks, Medical Doctor
Dr. Eleanora Hendriks studied at the Erasmus university of Rotterdam and the university of Antwerp. Apart from her training as a general practitioner (1985/1986) she has followed additional courses making her into an all-round doctor. She has specialized in (amongst others): Chinese medicine (acupuncture and laser acupuncture), natural hormonal treatments, orthomolecular medicine and healthy nutrition, heavy metal detoxification (chelation), non-toxic tumor therapy and classical homeopathy. She has also specialized in cosmetic medicine (Injectables: hyaluronic acid/ botox).

Dr. Peter Termohlen, Medical Doctor
Peter Termohlen studied medicine at the medical faculty in Utrecht. He specialized and worked as a general practitioner from 1979 to 2002. Since 2003 he devotes himself entirely to the practice of cosmetic medicine and performs over 3000 treatments a year. Dr. Termohlen is director of the NVCG (Netherlands committee of cosmetic health care). He frequently attends international conferences and advanced trainings. He also uses his experience to train new colleagues.

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