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Iberian Funeral Plans SL

Iberian Funeral Plans SL
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How an Iberian Funeral Plan can help you

I don’t want to think about my funeral - why do I need to?

Time and time again we hear “I don’t want to think about my funeral”. But living in this day and age where prices are increasing annually, there is a lot of misleading information regarding funeral plans especially on the internet. Putting off when you should plan your funeral is an easy option - but without a funeral plan it is not easy for those left behind to make the arrangements.

You may have house, car and health cover but the last thing you think of is to financially plan for the cost of a funeral.

There are a number of different products available which will cover the cost of a funeral as well as pay out money like a life insurance policy. Different insurances and plans work differently depending on what you want to cover and are normally payable for whole of life so the payments may well be greater than the benefits received.

Talk to us at Iberian Funeral Plans.

A funeral plan has to be the right option for you, so you should talk to us at Iberian Funeral Plans about our different plans. With Iberian you can pay for a fixed cost funeral plan, over 60 months, interest free, and pay as little as €1.50 a day depending on which plan you choose. With fixed cost plans starting at €3390 it makes sense.

The simple message that I hope comes across is that at Iberian we think we all need to plan for life’s final event. We are here to help with the facts - no misleading information or pressure, just the best plans at the best prices.

When we die we really don’t want to leave our families in a situation they aren’t ready to cope with do we?
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