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Jalon Valley ARC

Jalon Valley ARC
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ARC (+)
Address: Costa Blanca North
Phone: 625 985 689
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Building materials to complete their kennels - if you have any lying around that are not needed please donate them.

Puppy & kitten food - Mercadona's own brand dry puppy - Mercadona own brand kitten dry Wet dog food in square foils - Wet kitten food - Cat litter.

A.R.C.NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. There are donation collection tins in various establishments around the area.  It is not just money that is required, donations of unwanted equipment such as beds, leads, collars etc, plus unused food and medicines are all desperately needed. So folks, if you have sadly lost your pet and no longer require any of these items please contact A.R.C. via email, website or Facebook. You can also take items along to Heidi’s, Pereto’s and The Cut as these businesses will pass your donations on to Sally and Jayne. If you can offer physical help to build the kennels or foster/adopt a puppy or kitten then please contact ARC.

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