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Sack Your Boss Today

Sack Your Boss Today
Address: Costa Blanca South, Spain


Type: Service Provider
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We bring people, ideas, processes and opportunities together to create more vibrant, smarter, globally connected independent Referral marketers. We are a platform of Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Lifestyle Creatives in Spain with two simple questions:

Is your job a true expression of your passion, or just a source of income?

If you won the lottery this weekend, would you show up for work on Monday?

Yes or No?

The truth is that most of us, rather than working for a boss, would choose to spend more time with family or friends, to travel, to enjoy hobbies, or to learn new skills. Those of those able to buy themselves such freedom have created sources of passive income for themselves.

Imagine earning money while you sleep, eat, or travel the world from a business that virtually runs itself, generating regular passive income that allows you more time for the things you love. There’s more to Spain than sun, sea, sangria and flamenco!

Referral marketing is the home-based business of the 21st century. For anyone between 18 and 80, with neither nor fluency in Spanish required. Put yourself on the path to the sort of freedom you’ve dreamed of, but never imagined was achievable! 

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